Rex Cromley is a lowly ambassador from the Jovian moon of Io who finds himself at the center of an absurd galactic conflict spawned by the incompetent leaders of humanity's future. Rogue General Wiley von Zipper is threatening to start war between the galaxy's two super powers, Earth and Mars, both of which are all too willing to oblige. Rex teams up with adventurous space patrol pilot Tess Kendrix and the shockingly overweight, yet strangely charismatic, Senator Lester Hamm. Together, the odd bunch race through space. . . against traffic, time, hordes of feral cats and an ill-fated military coup led by the over ambitious military minds of Earth. . . to try and prevent human extinction at the hands of Man's own super weapons. Inspired by an actual Russian "coup-gone-wrong" that catalyzed the collapse of the Soviet Union.